Corporate Resume

Corporate Resume


Kansas City Deaerator Company was incorporated in 1989. Since the founding our commitment to customer service has allowed us to become a major supplier of deaerators to both the power and industrial sectors, in the United States and around the world. Kansas City Deaerator Company personnel have had extensive experience stemming from the designing of deaerator systems for Chicago Heater Company during the 1970’s and early 1980’s. At that time, over twenty 400 – 600 MW power plants were built in the U.S. each year, of which Chicago Heater Company captured most of the business. Our staff members were key to the technical design of most of these deaerators, including work involved on one of the largest deaerators in the world.

Kansas City Deaerator Company has also come to enjoy success in the cogeneration market. To date, we have received a substantial share of the new deaerators in service since our inception. We feel that our attention to detail and our ability to provide quick and accurate support have enabled our customer base to grow at this pace.

As the supplier of the deaerator, Kansas City Deaerator Company is responsible for everything from the layout and design of the system, to the continued guaranteed performance of the unit. We take pride in having 100% of our units in operation meeting the guaranteed performance levels. While utilizing a strong basis of design, Kansas City Deaerator Company is continually researching and developing new and improved technology. Many of these new design features are available upon request.

Kansas City Deaerator Company utilizes only ASME code certified shops for our fabrication needs. These shops are pre-qualified by our engineering and quality control staff to insure the finest quality fabricated product, with consistent on-time deliveries. Kansas City Deaerator Company is capable of having the deaerators made anywhere in the world, as the job site dictates.





The Heat Exchange Institute (HEI) is considered the most widely recognized governing body for deaerators in the world. As proof of our dedication to the industry, Kansas City Deaerator Company personnel played a major role in rewriting the HEI standards and specifications for deaerators for the 1992-5th edition, 1996-6th edition and the 2016-10th edition. Other past affiliations are ABMA, ASTM, & NACE and EPRI.

Below are references to and commentary from a few of our customers.

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