Since our founding in 1989, Kansas City Deaerator has become a major force in the global market of deaerators and deaerator components in both the utility and industrial sectors.

Horizontal Heater

16,000,000 #/HR model ‘HH’ Horizontal Heater Tray Deaerator.

Double Shell

800,000 #/HR model ‘DS’ Double Shell Tray Deaerator.

Vertical Tray

800,000 #/HR model ‘VT’ Vertical Heater Tray Deaerator.

Tank Car

250,000 #/HR model ‘TC’ Tank Car Tray Deaerator.

Horizontal Spray Deaerator

10,000,000 #/HR model ‘HS’ Horizontal Spray Deaerator.

Vertical Spray Deaerator

1,500,000 #/HR model ‘VS’ Vertical Spray Deaerator.

Bolted Double Shell

800,000 #/HR model ‘BDS’ Bolted Double Shell Tray Deaerator.

Global Capabilities

View our Deaerator Global Installation List to see all the countries Kansas City Deaerator Company has served.