Kansas City Deaerator – We specialize in designing and building high-quality deaerators world-wide

Welcome to Kansas City Deaerator!

Since our founding in 1989, Kansas City Deaerator has become a major force in the global market of deaerators and deaerator components in both the utility and industrial sectors.

Horizontal Heater

16,000,000 #/HR model ‘HH’ Horizontal Heater Tray Deaerator.

Double Shell

800,000 #/HR model ‘DS’ Double Shell Tray Deaerator.

Vertical Tray

800,000 #/HR model ‘VT’ Vertical Heater Tray Deaerator.

Tank Car

250,000 #/HR model ‘TC’ Tank Car Tray Deaerator

Horizontal Spray Deaerator

10,000,000 #/HR model ‘HS’ Horizontal Spray Deaerator.

Vertical Spray Deaerator

1,500,000 #/HR model ‘VS’ Vertical Spray Deaerator.

Bolted Double Shell

800,000 #/HR model ‘BDS’ Bolted Double Shell Tray Deaerator.

Global Capabilities

View our Deaerator Global Installation List to see all the countries Kansas City Deaerator Company has served.

Deaerator Spray Header

Deaerator Spray Header

Deaerator Spray Header

Deaerator Spray Header

Waterbox Spray Patterns

Deaerator Spray Waterbox Spray Patterns

Tray Holddowns

Deaerator Spray Header Pipe Tray Holdowns