Kansas City Deaerator Spray Valves and Trays

KCD manufactures replacement deaerator trays and spray valves for most past and present deaerator suppliers.  The trays and spray valves are upgraded designs by Deaerator Solutions and have been designed to provide the same performance, capacity, pressure drop, and spray pattern as the original parts, with a proven 20 year design life.

Spray Valves:

KCD’s spray valves are investment cast of type 316 stainless steel, hydraulically balanced and provided with Teflon stem guides to deliver a longer life span and quiet operation.  The highly durable spray valves have been designed to withstand flow fluctuations from 0% to 200% of design.



KCD trays have been successfully utilized in the industry by central station utilities for over 30 years and are among the heaviest in the industry, fabricated of 16 gauge, type 430 stainless steel (430 SS trays stocked).  KCD trays are offered in stamped and riveted designs, recommended by HEI, and have been designed with tray locking tabs to ensure tray stability under upset conditions.

KCD offers tray sizes varying from 18” to 60”.

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